Radiological Control Technician (RCT) Training Courses
Since May 2006, we have only been offering the DOE Core Exam to those who have self-studied or have received their training through other providers. We began offering the course in October 2007 and have recieved raving reviews and excitement about the course beging offered in southease Idaho. We recently revised the course to include instrumentation and general site specific training. To learn more about what a RCT does and the different titles associate with the position, click here on the RCT Job Description


RCT Core Fundamental Training Course

Next class begins June 3rd, 2008 for the Radiological Control (Safety) Technician (RCT) Core Fundamental Academic and general site specific course with the Core Certification examination.

The instructor for this course is Garret Passmore. Garret is one of the premier radiological instructors in Eastern Idaho and has been teaching for over 16 years to personnel at the Idaho National Laboratory.

This course is for anyone wanting to enter into the exciting career field of Radiological Control Technician, also known as Rad Tech's and Rad Safety. To obtain employment, an individual must have a clean legal background to pass the stringent security background check that will be performed prior to working anywhere. To become a junior Rad Tech, you should have the courses listed below, however you are current in HAZWOPER and Radiological Worker II, then you only need ther first course.
  • Core Fundamental Academic Eastern Idaho
  • General Site Academic & Practical Factors (how to use the main instruments required for RCTs)
  • Radiological Worker II (Rad Worker II) with practicals similar to those at the BEA, CWI, and AMWTP
  • 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)

We will continue to give the Core exam to those who choose to study on their own or receive training from other companies.

With the Bradley Business Group's courses, we provide the materials (you get to keep them) and all you have to do is study hard for the next 25 sessions in preparation to take the Core Exam. Here is what you get in the first class session:
  • DOE-HDBK-1122-99, Radiological Control Technical handbook
  • Nuclides and Isotopes, Chart of the Nuclides, 16th Ed.
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, & paper

Upon successful completion of the course, a Certificate of Training will be given, and with successful passing of the Core Exam, a DOE Core Certificaton Card will be issued.

General Site Specific Academics Course

The follow-on to the fundamental course is the General Site Specific Academics Course which will include practicals, and an oral exam in preparation for the same practical and oral exam that will be given by the employer. This also is a 78-hour course that you more in-depth training in DOE Order 835, instrumentation types and usage, and hands-on experience with the equipment to better prepare the applicant with the workplace tools. At the end of the course will be the practical and oral exams.

RCT Registration Form

Radiological Control Safety Technician (RCT) Courses Registration Form

Self-Study Materials

For those who want to self-study or get a jump start on studying DOE-HDBK-1122-99, you can go to the links below. We also offer the exam at other locations in the U.S. for large groups. For more information or pricing, e-mail us by clicking on the Customer Support link below.

Radiological Control Technician Training

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The references listed below are links directly to the Department Of Energy's (DOE) web site and are the pdf files from training manual DOE-HDBK-1122-99, June 1999.

Each of the sections are broken down for ease of use and studying. To view the files you can download for free, Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) by clicking here.

Fundamental Academic Training Study Guide

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